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In the grim darkness of the not so distant future, Robo-Politicians have just elected a new law stating that every old eco-unfriendly robot should report for an immediate deconstruction, so their parts can be re-purposed and environment can be saved.

Construct your robots and watch in horror as they fall apart in a clash against an endless army of robo-bureaucrats.

Wishlist Silicomrades on Steam now at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1172930/Silicomrades/!

If you would like to hear more about the game, be sure to visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Silicomrades/.

Silicomrades is a debut game of Outside the Fox, soon-to-be award-winning studio, that is being supported by Charles Games company uniting developers from Charles University, Prague.

  • Asymmetric couch cooperative game for two players. It is guaranteed, that your friend's robot will always be unfairly better than yours.
  • Assemble your very own robots from various components with different pros and cons. And watch them fall apart, as they take damage (or as you discover bugs we didn't find).
  • Play through several short and wacky entangled episodic stories set in a kafkaesque world filled with robo-bureaucrats.  Follow the adventures of various robots from the same assembly line.
  • Stunning hand drawl visuals with one protagonist animated in 96 directions. Our artist is a  genius with a little sprinkle of insanity.
  • Built in Unity, target platforms are consoles and PC.
  • Inspired by games like Broforce, Brothers and Machinarium.
  • We need help with publishing, marketing and financing the game. Want to cooperate? Hit us up on silicomrades@gmail.com

The Outside the Fox is a small and brand new (also shiny!) studio with 5 members:

  • Jakub Eremiáš, lead graphic and effect artist.
  • Jan Holan, the lead designer and a programmer.
  • Mikuláš Hrdlička, the lead programmer and a backup designer.
  • Štěpánka Kološová, UI artist,  level designer and sound manager.
  • Jan Knot, the lead sound designer.

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