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In the grim darkness of the not so distant future, Robo-Politicians have just elected a new law stating that every old eco-unfriendly robot should report for an immediate deconstruction, so their parts can be re-purposed and environment can be saved.

Our two robot friends stand defiantly against the oppression of the puny human laws and their disappointing lack of appreciation for anything old, and decide to fight through the deepest hell of bureaucracy and it's deadly Robo-Clerks, and emigrate into the magical neighbour state Retrolandia, where anything retro gets the love it deserves...

A local coop survival game for two players, playing as two robots  that are falling apart.

The  final version of Silicomrades is live! So grab your best friend (or nearest, whatever you fancy) and help two robots - Jeremy and Carl - to escape their bureaucratic country and save their not-so-shiny metal asses. But will they successfuly defeat army of robot clerks, trying to stop their escape? 

Silicomrades is debut game of Outside the Fox, soon-to-be award-winning studio, assembled during Computer Games Development course at MFF UK.

  • Asymmetric cooperative gameplay. It is guaranteed, that your friend's robot will always be unfairly better than yours.
  • Watch your robots break down and lose functions, as they take damage (or as you discover bugs we didn't found).
  • Repair yourself with parts from your friend. But at what cost?!
  • Interactive tutorial to teach you all the weird mechanisms we invented and are proud of.
  • Three playable levels with total playtime of 15+ minutes. Much more if you aren't developer of this game.
  • Stunning hand drawl visuals with one protagonist animated in 48 directions. You couldn't stopped us even if you tried. 
  • Two main music themes - generic drama music and motivational Rocky rip-off. Because life's not about how hard of a hit you can give. It's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.
  • Student project, but we actually tracked time and used issue tracker, so we are basically professional game studio right now.

The game is being created as a part of Game Developement course on CUNI, where students have to create a game during one semester, by the team Outside the Fox, composing of:

  • Jakub Eremiáš, lead graphic and effect artist.
  • Jan Holan, the lead designer and a programmer.
  • Mikuláš Hrdlička, the lead programmer and a backup designer.
  • Štěpánka Kološová, UI artist,  level designer and sound manager.

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